Hi! My name’s Eric, nice to meet you! I’m a landscape photographer living in the twin cities. I love making stuff: photos, music, videos, junk food. Welcome to my journey!

I first learned photography while attending college for graphic design. My teacher taught me everything I wanted to know in one semester including how to use manual settings, how to blur a waterfall, printing photos in the black and white darkroom, and so much more. He inspired a lifelong passion. By the time I was finishing up my graphic design degree, I had taken a few advanced classes and workshops specifically designed to photograph nature and landscapes at the north shore of Minnesota.

After College, I worked at a few design firms and print shops only to return to photography when I realized what I really want to do for a living. In between the times I was working in graphic design, I started my own photography business specializing in fine art landscape, portraits and events. Since then, I’ve won awards for my nature and wildlife work and have been published in books and magazines including Capture Minnesota and National Geographic.

I recently began teaching one-on-one photography lessons and planning to teach landscape photography workshops in the twin cities area in the future. I had a great photography teacher and not only did he inspire me to be a photographer but also a teacher, and hope that by teaching, I can instill the love of nature photography to future students.

I currently work as a digital specialist for the League of Minnesota Cities, specializing in photography, videography, design and podcast production. With the amazing support and flexibility of the League, I am able to spend creative time capturing new photos of the north shore and local parks in the twin cities. I have to admit, being able to play and do what I love for a living is the best feeling in the world, and gives me motivation to work hard at it.